Sports Betting In Kansas

Sports Betting in Kansas

Betting on sports is both a Kansas and American pastime and has always been one of the most popular ways to gamble in the United States. It provides opportunities for players to add the risk/reward element to their favorite sports, which just makes a fun thing, even more, fun. That is why sports betting is becoming more widely available all around the country.

After years of failing, Kansas has officially legalized in-state sports betting and the market was given a launch date deadline of January 1st, 2033. Along with this new form of legal sports betting, international operators like Bovada and BetOnline are still fully legal and reliable for all Kansas residents.

The whole purpose of this page is to provide insight into the advantages that come with betting on sports online, specifically with the sites we review. Each of them is safe to use and accepts Kansas residents. There is also plenty of information about the overall legality of sports betting in Kansas, what other kinds of gambling are allowed to happen in Kansas, and information to make sure you are fully prepared to start legally betting on sports in Kansas.

Does Kansas Have Legal Land-Based Sports Betting?

Kansas has legalized land-based sports betting with SB 84 in the summer of 2022. Laura Kelly signed the bill after an agreement was made on the specific parameters and regulations of the activity. Retail sports betting is legal and will be available at Kansas casinos.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Kansas?

Online sports betting is legal in a variety of forms. There are the always reliable internationally run sportsbook operators and the newly legalized state-regulated online books. There are four casinos that were given the go-ahead to partner with three private sportsbook operators each.

Both of these forms of legal sports betting are available through mobile smartphones and websites on any computer.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept Kansas Residents?

There are plenty of sports betting sites that accept Kansas residents. This means you have options, though it is still important for you to find a site that is safe, reliable, and easy to use. Not all online sportsbooks have your best interest in mind. We are here to help you out. To help you get started, here are a few of the highest rated sports betting sites that are easy to sign up to from Kansas. We use some of these websites ourselves and we can guarantee that they are safe, legal, and fun to use.

Facts About Legal Online Sports Betting In Kansas

  • Betting sports online in Kansas is 100% legal so enjoy
  • Our recommended Kansas sports betting sites are the best available
  • You will get a very large match bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit

Bovada Sportsbook - Lines And Prop Bets For All Major US Sports

Bovada Sportsbook

Sports betting in Kansas has been in a transition for the last few years after the last of some underground betting rings were brought down. Now, more and more are turning to Kansas online sportsbooks to fill their betting needs as the safest and most legal form of wagering that is available in the Great Plains' states. One of the sportsbooks people have been turning to is Bovada.

In operation for almost a quarter century, it is clear that Bovada is dedicated to offering the best online sportsbook available without the potential of having its users get into any trouble just for making a simple wager. Thousands of players have been discovering what it is like to bet legally and when they want to bet on Kansas Jayhawks basketball, or other sports, Bovada is the website most often chosen.

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - 50% Match Bonus On first Deposit - 25% For Life After

SportsBetting Sportsbook

If you want legal betting in Kansas then leave behind the tiny office pools and March Madness bracket competitions of the past. Today is a new day and the only place to bet legally where residents still make some serious money is SportsBetting. And they won’t back out of payouts as your co-workers could. They are free to register to and it won’t take you more than a few minutes to sign up.

Not only are this online bookmaker one of the most reliable websites for fast sportsbook payouts, but SportsBetting is also one of the easiest sites when it comes to adding funds to accounts. Specializing in methods that are approved for Kansas players, SportsBetting features almost 10 options to deposit, all of them are from trusted companies or services like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Western Union, etc.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Legal Sports Betting In Kansas

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is a solid choice for any residents of Kansas that want to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to betting on anything related to sports or entertainment. For instance, no sports betting site that accepts Kansas residents has as many bonuses as they do that last as long as theirs do. Most sites stop at the welcome bonus, but BetOnline delivers above and beyond...lifetime bonuses will be available as long as you're alive.

The standard 50% welcome bonus does still apply at BetOnline, however they also give you a 25% lifetime bonus for every deposit after. On top of that they offer free play money for the first time you try mobile betting making it even more convenient to bet on the go. If getting money just for being on the site sounds good to you then follow a banner to BetOnline now and sign up today!

Top Kansas Sports Betting Sites

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Other Types Of Gambling Available In Kansas

Kansas is an interesting state when it comes to gambling because it has an equal mix of commercial and Native American land-based casinos. Some of the more popular ones include 7th Street Casino, Golden Eagle, Kansas Star, and Hollywood Casino. There are eight altogether. Kansas also has a state lottery and bingo halls, though a sports betting enthusiast’s only option is to find a safe, reliable online betting site. If you are looking for any other types of action while you are in Kansas, the lottery is your best bet. There are not too many ways you can gamble while you are in Kansas.

Does Kansas Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

A while ago, Kansas was pretty active in the pari-mutuel betting scene. Unfortunately, most of the horse tracks are down. Right now, there is only a greyhound racing track that is currently active and no real signs that horse racing will make a comeback. But, pari-mutuel betting is allowed in Kansas. If you are a horse racing fan, then you should check out one of our recommended online offshore sportsbooks. Not only can your favorite sports teams on these sites, but there are also racebooks that will allow you to bet on the ponies in races that happen all over the world.

Kansas Sports Betting Laws + Statutes

Right now, there are no sports betting laws you can look at. This is largely due to the fact that there are no sports gambling laws in Kansas. But if you want an idea on what they could have looked like, you can check out KS HB 2390 and KS SB 222. Both of these bills were sports betting bills and they will give you an idea on what sports gambling could look like in Kansas in the future. Just remember that neither of these pieces of legislation passed so sports betting could look completely different in Kansas when it does actually happen.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In Kansas?

One of the biggest questions asked when discussing sports betting in Kansas is “how old do I have to be to bet sports online in Kansas?” Well, the state laws say you need to be 21 years old. You will see that the sportsbooks on this page only require players to be 18 but that doesn’t trump the state laws. It’s nonsensical to get into trouble while gambling underage because you’re just going to ruin your opportunity to do so when you are of age. Online offshore sportsbooks comply with local laws, that means you have to wait until you are 21 to bet in Kansas. Underage gambling will earn you a life ban from these sportsbooks and you will lose any winnings you have earned.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Kansas?

When discussing teams to bet on in Kansas, you have to start with the Kansas Jayhawks, who have one of the most accomplished college basketball programs in the country. Wichita State also has a relevant basketball program at their school but other than those two schools, there aren’t any other teams to bet on. There are no pro sports teams, and really both Kansas and Wichita State are relevant in basketball. You may be able to find betting lines on their other sports but your best bet is to just broaden your horizons and bet on teams outside of your state if you want more of a competitive variety.

High Roller Sports Betting Sites

All of the sites on this page can be accommodating to a big spender and can be considered high roller sports betting sites. This is because they all offer banking options, like Bitcoin, that provide pretty high limits that allow players to deposit a lot and receive a large payout as well. If you are really looking to spend big money, you may want to look into creating an account at two of these sites, as to double your limits. You are absolutely allowed to use two sportsbooks so there is no worry there. These sites make sure they don’t discriminate against any players at their sites so they are excellent sites to use for high rollers as well as beginners.

Is Bitcoin Safe To Use For Sports Betting?

Bitcoin is famous for the anonymity they provide their players. After creating your Bitcoin account, which is very easy and takes no time at all, you will be given a Bitcoin wallet that contains an address. That address is what you use for any banking transactions after that, and you can change it after each transaction. You don’t have to enter your credit card number or give any personal info, it’s that simple. Bitcoin also has taken some of the most intricate security measures that you just aren’t going to find while using other payment methods when betting on sports. It bypasses big banks and allows players the freedom and relief of not having to deal with them for use in sports betting in Kansas.